Happy Birthday - Bacteria!  

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Santa has a good idea. He visits people once a year - with gifts. So does the virus/bacteria - with fever. See - History repeats.

And the Doc is not even half as good as Santa. The virus is not half as bad as the Doc.

Doc delivered the fab news that I may possibly have a minor virus/ bacteria issue. He said it was the in - thing in my neighbourhood.

A a couple of days ago I went to a bash thrown by a kind neighbour who was leaving the country for good. A "milk" dessert was served. In the toast, I thought I saw a sly grin on his face when he said "I hope I am leaving behind something for you all to remember".

Today is World Tuberculosis day. Bacterium's favorite day. Maybe all the bacteria in the world decided to party in my body and are hungover on the remnants of the milk from the dessert. I am honored to be their host!

Oh! My doc, also my neighbour, was in that party :)

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That tickled me. You like writing humour, I guess. Happy blogging and may the petulant microbes not trouble you all that often!

April 05, 2009

hahah!! Thanks Anup...:) Laughter is after all the best face lift innit!!

April 05, 2009

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