Verses to the watchdog that lost its bite!  

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On their tombstones will be written
There were once people completely smitten

Living the American dream
In the music city over latte's and ice creams

He wandered to harsher lands
Still never did he forget her hands

Held over mile long walks
Sprinkled with unforgettable talks

Of Lynard, Hendrix ,Pacino and Marlboros
Of work woes, societal plagues and life's sorrows

Paw prints once left all over Uncle Sam's backyard
Hearts which eventually spilled and cracked like a shard

Some called them workmates
Some called them bed mates

Each considered the other a soul mate
Fate alas! made them foul mates

The helpless breadwinner left for a distant land out of sight
Her domestic barks were getting worse than long distance bites

Sun in his distant horizon while Moon in her starry skies
Graham Bell's invention kept strengthening their ties

The sojourn finally came to an end
Alas! once a straight road now had a bend

From their slumber they did awaken
Their dreamy love forsaken

She needed to leave despite having nowhere to go
He asked to stay for he needed her to run the show

And when their worlds did finally meet
His was the heart that was cut neat

Though Crippled by the days bygone
She did her best to move on

As for him , this was his love most sweetest
But as they say the first cut is always the deepest

They can still be seen walking down a trail
Through heat, snow , rain and hail

They forever treasure each other in their memories
Like a child comforts itself in its mother's mammaries

The way they thought it will turn out to be
And how it can no longer be....

How they once did belong
Sadly not any long ...

The way they once were...
The way they no longer are...

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Memories are more than a life can give,
The moments are more than the dog can live !!
Till eternity there is time,
Cause whatever it was it was still sublime !!

One day when the twains shall meet,
Someday the silent sun will kiss their feet,
There will be a day when the gods will say,
They will be together sometime soon if not today !!

April 10, 2008

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