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Read *this* first . And now armed with the big story read below.

This day will go down in the annals of history not as World Tuberculosis day.
Not as the day lafemmereva woke up early in the morning to get her skin
pricked because she was guile enough to go to some prick's party and
sportingly hosted one of her own in her body.

She is such a gracious host!!!

The 24th day in the month of March in the year of 2009 in the
Gregorian calendar will henceforth be fondly recollected as that day
when l/reva realized that It's not a man's world after all and sometimes a
girl can have all the luck!

Scene at the doc's. The results are out.

Lafemmereva : Tumhare paas kya hain?
Doc : Mere paas bacteria hain! Tumhare paas kya hain?
Lafemmereva : State of the art, world class immune system

The joke is on the doc who has the flu of the stomach...Me? All I have
is good KARMA! ;)

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