Gone in 60 seconds!  

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A tense and stressful 6 hrs passed with concern about an ailing kin today. I usually am a make-up person and smile is my favorite cosmetic. Stress as you know is the worst concealer.

Frantic calls, lots of pacing up-and-down-the-corridor and endless cups of coffee was becoming the order of the day. As things progressed I decided to take mind off things. I walked into my office break room where we all gather to heat our lunch in the microwave unit.

Scene: Two microwave units in the break-room and I am waiting my turn near one of them as both are occupied by two ladies (who sit near my workstation and are remarkable witty. I so so so love them for regaling me with their wisecracks everyday)

Lady 1: "I am going to rush to the restroom while my lunch gets heated in the oven".

Saying so, she times the m/wave unit to a minute and goes to the restroom for doing "it".
Lady 2 and I engage in small talk.

Lady 1 returns from the restroom just as the one-minute timer on her m/wave unit is about to go off. She reaches to take her lunch out of the oven and while doing so sports a "I don't believe this" kind of expression.

Lady 2 (seeing Lady 1 's expression speaks): "You are surprised your food can be so frozen that even a minute in the oven hasn't done it any good?"

Lady 1: "No! , I never knew I could do "it" in the restroom in less than a minute."

Lady 2: Don't tell the manager this or she will time us to do "it" in less than a minute and add that as a performance measure in our appraisal!!!!

:) And just like that I smiled.....again....

And yes, I did time myself during my next trip .....and I'm sure you will too!!!!

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Babe, me took 15 seconds and u? BTW, I love hearing your stories as much as I love reading them....:) We should meetup!!! Next time....Call when u r in my territory!!!

March 24, 2009

I tried it this morning!! No use!! :( Will do it tomorrow!

March 31, 2009

Rage - If at first u try and dont succeed destroy all evidence that u tried :)

March 31, 2009

Ush - 15 seconds....are u sure? :P

April 05, 2009

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