A wannabe Janitor's Monday!  

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Over endless cups of coffee fetched
Find below my grief etched

Of my monday morning blues
"unvaccinable" unlike the seasonal flu

Working on the fly
I wonder why

Its Monday morning again
and its back to business again

Sulking over my boss's reviews
Of a memo which was shorter than a new movie preview

I click away pretending to work
Hoping my boss wasn't such a jerk

Scratching my head for a quick fix
desperately hoping the clock would strike six

For then its evening and its back to my bedsheets
which are more endearing than monstrous excel spreadsheets

Hoping a nap would give me a break
I zzz..ed on until dusk break

It was soon evening and HELL!! the boss stopped by
On his way home, to bid me goodbye

I was caught napping unaware with no excuses to spare
It was the moment of truth or dare

I did what I could do best to control the damage
reasoning(pouting) for more time as long as I could manage

He relented giving me another day
proving all dreams don't die on a monday :)

No work and all Play
I know yields no pay

Still I fancy cleaning the loo,
To beating the monday morning blue.

Mrs. Daddy! Come with your wand  

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Mrs Daddy! Come with your wand
I'm lost in a distant dorothy's land
Safe I can never be
Until you come and sing/read to me

Torn , worn lovelorn and damned
Heal me with the touch of your hand
Retracing the first few baby steps taken
I shall once again walk the road not taken

I am on a voyage in the cruel lonely ocean
My soul devoid of thought and emotion
Hurry make me my spinach as I am on sail
That will make the popeye in me warrant a bail

Days of toil have murdered my mirth
Your divine absence has lead to lucifer's birth
Missing your hands that rocked my cradle from birth
With no lullaby sung I no longer like inhabiting like earth

Come fly me away tonight
Swiftly like an eagle in flight
Tuck me again in your undying bossom
Where I shall once again blossom