To you ma Darling!Mwahhhh!  

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I will till death do us apart! or till some malicious Trojan comes between us!

I have been very unfaithful to you and have been shamelessly promiscuous over the last few weeks! To the extent of not even keeping our vows of being with each other till death do us apart!

With those few words my dear Blog I renew our vows and rekindle the romance that once was the soul of my life......

Of course in my defense I shall cite the reasons for my transgressions as a new work location, a new line of work(I still pretend to work while my company pretends to pay!) and moves galore with me hopping and skipping apartments till my humble abode beckons and claims me!

And did I forget to mention a visit from an unwlecome and announced guest Herpesviridae ! Yep that's him, Mr. Viral Fever!

I believe nothing happens until it happens to me and so I now humbly declare the existence of the Viral fever and beg that the Healthcare Gurus accord it the same status as a National Epidemic would command and anyone suffering from it be given a week off from work! :) And declare shopping for new shoes as a cure for the same!

A little hand me down to anyone who I dare say might be unfortunate enough to be visited by Herpesviridae ...Mama always says "'A viral fever usually gets treated in 7 days with medications and in a week without any"

Also I had to share these pics before I get tempted into making this a full length post particularly about nothing but generally about everything.....from my trip to Philadelphia and Washington!(Yeas was in WAS last weekend! )

The ones below are from Philadelphia.....(Betsy Ross House(She made the US Flag!), Penn's Landing, Much Famed Liberty Bell, The Phila Logo, The Eastern State Penitentiary(Al Capone was here for a while!), Penn's landing, Rodin Museum, Union Station)

Some from the memorable memorial day spent in Washington....

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