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It was my last day. The skies opened and the Gods cried. They hated to see me go. It poured water everywhere just like I wished for it to. Windshield wiper blades competed with bikinis to be the new summer accessories.

I did a jig and rejoiced for it had rained after a long dry spell in the mile high city. And I realized I would never be on a *high again. I walked to the leasing office in my apartment and turned in the keys that had locked my freedom for the last year.

The leasing office guy said something about pest issues in my apartment. Darn!! Humans. They always vainly see beyond the obvious. The biggest pest (moi) was about to leave home. The rest of the pests would follow their mistress like the rats that followed the Pied Piper of Hamlin. He insisted that a pest inspection be done. I was enervated. The last few days had been a wild frenzy. Parties, farewells and logistics to be attended to. Every inch in the body ached in pain like I was a maid in someones house and got screwed - Since the trend these days is to screw home maids.

I went home and slept that night beneath the starry skies with a friend that I may never see again. But then it's a small world.

I may come back as her colleague.
I may come back as her boss.
I may come back as her future kid's mother-in-law even!

He! Ironical. I was leaving on Independence day (American Independence day - July 4th) truly signifying independence for me. In my 3rd year in America I would be in the 3rd city having thus lived in the east, central and western parts of America. The next day I was leaving for California for good. I was going to the land of Hollywood. Not for a vacation. Although I do admit that I am already Californicationed. For life in California is one big vacation.

So here I am - The angel in Los Angeles. Okay Crap! I am no angel. I am a Goddess!! Divine one :P

Oh yeah! Same job and all. Just relocation.

Am I missing something? Yes the scene at security checkpoint at Denver airport before I boarded the flight to Los Angeles. No story of mine is ever complete without an airport scene. Terminals are where it all begins and ends. Ironically if things began in a terminal it wouldn't really be called a terminal. I was at the security checkpoint in the airport where the guard was checking for photo Id's before boarding the flight when I saw a father whose daughters were driving him bananas (Daughters were 5 years old).

The father asked them to show the guard their driving licenses for identification. The girls said they don't drive. The dad said "Oh Girls!! But you do drive me nuts don't ya " ;)

I smile. I think of my dad. I was three years old when my dad held my hand and took me to a fair so I could eat pink cotton candy and I lost track of him in the crowd. I remembered where exactly I let go of his hand so I went back there, took off my underwear and left it so he would know when he came back. Which he did for he realized his folly too.

Imagine this. A father running towards his daughter in a fair, with atleast a 1000 people, flashing a piece of red underwear. I ran to him and hugged him and he applauded my presence of mind. I still have that piece of clothing which I just might wear to one of the beaches these days.

I board the flight. I was soon reLAXed for LAX (Los Angeles Airport - LAX), my new home to be, wasn't too far away. I alight from the flight at LAX. It's pouring water everywhere here too - but it's not the God's crying. It's his people, from the heat that causes the sweat to pour everywhere.

So that's the scoop guys. The lafemmereva is now cooling her heels in Los Angeles - her new home. Which means I will be WFC on Mondays from now on.

No! Its not WFH - Working from Home. WFC - Working from Casino ;) because Las Vegas is a 5 hour drive from Los Angeles.

Yes, the boss reads the blog ;)

*Denver is called the mile high city.

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