A wannabe Janitor's Monday!  

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Over endless cups of coffee fetched
Find below my grief etched

Of my monday morning blues
"unvaccinable" unlike the seasonal flu

Working on the fly
I wonder why

Its Monday morning again
and its back to business again

Sulking over my boss's reviews
Of a memo which was shorter than a new movie preview

I click away pretending to work
Hoping my boss wasn't such a jerk

Scratching my head for a quick fix
desperately hoping the clock would strike six

For then its evening and its back to my bedsheets
which are more endearing than monstrous excel spreadsheets

Hoping a nap would give me a break
I zzz..ed on until dusk break

It was soon evening and HELL!! the boss stopped by
On his way home, to bid me goodbye

I was caught napping unaware with no excuses to spare
It was the moment of truth or dare

I did what I could do best to control the damage
reasoning(pouting) for more time as long as I could manage

He relented giving me another day
proving all dreams don't die on a monday :)

No work and all Play
I know yields no pay

Still I fancy cleaning the loo,
To beating the monday morning blue.

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lol!! nice poem with interesting lines..

"I did what I could do best to control the damage
reasoning(pouting) for more time as long as I could manage"


"No work and all Play
I know yields no pay"

did all this actually happen??

April 04, 2009

No kidding, yes this did happen!!! But then some days can be fun too...!!! Each day brings with it a different beginning and an equally interesting end :)

I usually categorize posts related to work as Mollu at work.


April 04, 2009

i posted this on the indiblogger forum already: maybe you can think of adding google friend connect widget to you blog.. would make it very easy for people to follow your blog.. :)

April 04, 2009

sure!!! will do just that!!!! :)

April 04, 2009

mollu as in malayalam???

April 04, 2009

yep!!! yep!!! :)

April 04, 2009

hey, Actually I was thinking maybe if you subscribe to my feed via email you could actually get my posts to your inbox directly...I have that option in my site "Need an email delivery of posts?"

April 04, 2009

heheh, too lazy to type my email in that tiny box i guess :)

Anyway its getting late over here, got to crash and study for my exam in the mornin (darn, i'm starting to hate exams.. till your next blog post, adios..

April 04, 2009

sure!!!! Thanks! Au revoire!

April 04, 2009

Ha ha ha! This is nice! :D

Nice medley of content. Will keep dropping by more often. I love the template too!

April 07, 2009

Thanks Kokonad!!! :) So kind of you!

April 07, 2009

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