Granny's Day Out!  

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Will I live to 89? Yes - good karma and digestion willing.

Will I be blogging? Yes - Internet and good eyesight willing.

Will I be living with my children? Yes. I''ll Drop everything on the floor, not make my bed, hang up the phone just as someone walks into the room, spill my food on the table and when questioned, I'll tell them - I'm giving you a taste of your childhood. I'm doing to you rascals what you did to me when you were kids.

Will I be hale and healthy? Yes. Doctor and surgery willing.

No, not the surgeries of the heart or some such vital organ our biology teachers made us draw in school. I'm talking about the more essential ones -The cosmetic nip/tuck types. A tuck here and a nip there! When nature lets you down technology has to step in, correct?

None of what I said above for *this* nanny.

Did she just wow! you? This Granny is on a high!! Go Granny Go!

Especially this part - "Asked about her election message to voters, she said: "I am upset when I see a lot of youths turning to drugs and there are not enough schools. If chosen, I will make it all better."

A request to the Granny....How about advocating for lowering the cost of dental insurance? We both have that issue in common!

*Obama need look no farther for a face for his drug eradication efforts across the border.

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Revuu,, this is so funny.. not the actual granny thingy, but the way you answered the question: "Will I be living with my children?"..

March 24, 2009

hehehe!!!! Thanks Manju...!! or atleast will tell them when they come visit me in my old age home!! :P

March 24, 2009

From the dentistry point of view, not a :) this time but a :D ... to personify the teeth ... the white sparkling ones u know .... like mine ... ;) .... !!!!

Great one ..... but a small change difference in opinion in the comment above ... a creche would be a better place for such a granny not an old age home !! :) ...

March 24, 2009

Hahaha!!! My home is always open for you babe.!!! Ill consider it as a way of paying back for regaling me with your posts.

March 24, 2009

Danke Ush!!!

April 05, 2009

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