Punneo and Boliet :)  

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Beginnings are scary. Endings are usually sad, but it's what's in the middle that counts. This is a story of three people – A killer, a survivor and a dead soul.

Killer –Prasu

Survivor – Punnu

Dead Soul- Boli

Born to the Bhattus, in the year of 1984, on the fool's day, was Little Punnu. He wasn't a well sung hero, He isn't in any history textbook, not many people have even heard of him. Some might argue that he wasn't even a legal citizen until yesterday for despite being in the US for close to half a year he hadnt applied for an SSN. But what can't be argued is the trauma he went through as a kid which fuelled his hatred towards his own blood.

and a story of immense trauma that Punnu as a kid when through and what eventually left an indelible scar on him in the years to come.

7 years preceding the catastrophic incident of the birth of punnu, was a very holy one. The birth of "Prasu", the oldest son of the Bhattus. While Prasu's birth was a momentous occasion for the Bhattu's, Punnu's birth was marked by large piles of dog Poo all over the community as all the canines were welcoming the birth of their leader and the Bhattus weren't too amused when Little Punnu responded to these canine calls with gusto! Days passed by and, Jagriti, Punnu's momsie soon reconciled herself to the daily routine of motherhood what with changing punnu's ever stinking diapers and chaddis. Prasu the boy wonder of the family was always despised by Punnu for Prasu was a precocious and a very handsome kid. Versatility was his middle name. Punnu on the other hand was a lesser mortal and Prasu's handsomeness didn't alleviate his intense feelings of jealousy towards Prasu. Little Ugly punnu always thought "I'm tired of all this nonsense about beauty being only skin-deep. That's deep enough. What do they want - an adorable pancreas?"

And so the rivalry flourished until the age of two. Tragedy struck and Punnu lost his Boli. Two year old Punnu and Boli were lovers and nothing would separate them. This was known to all in the family and they accepted Boli and took great care of her and welcomed her as one of them. On one such occasion when Boli had gone with the Bhattus to a summer vacation to ' Darjeeling' Prasu walked into punnu's room to see him cuddle Boli and sleep. He was always jealous of Boli and wanted her for himself. So when he saw punnu asleep and Boli unguarded, a school kid excitement engulfed him. He seized the most opportune moment and killed Boli. While Punnu who still could not talk woke up sensing danger, it was too late. His beloved had gone from his life. She was gone leaving punnu a mute spectator to the debacle unraveling in front of his eyes. Punnu mourned Boli for ages and nothing of what the Bhattus did could pacify him. With time he managed to forget what Prasu did but could never forgive. He is still out there in Nashville hoping his little heart ,clouded with smoke ,will one day have the magnanimity to forgive Prasu's heinous crime.

In any case I've chosen my 600 words and have them laid out before me in neat little cutout pieces. Joblessness and looming threats of impending insanity forced me to share this touching story to you. Pls fwd to as many friends as you can. For every mail you send Boli's chances of reunion with Punnu increases.

AMEN!! May Boli rest in peace.

DISCLAIMER: Resemblance of the charecters in this write up to any person/thing living or dead is purely intentional ;)

Palakkad Freakazoid Unleashed  

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When winds of fortune are blowing
Temporarily against you
Remember you can harness them
And blow you towards your definite purpose
Through the use of your imagination!

I am yet to discover a communication mode that can wholly support the bandwidth of my thoughts other than blogging. Im not the one given to brevity so I cant keep my jottings brief!! Alas!! Brevity is not the wit of my soul.So foot longs( No reference to the Subway Foot Longs!) will be a hallmark of my blog.

Pandora's box (in pic), as the folklore from the days of yore goes, was opened and the rest is an old housewive's tale! Im hoping my posts dont stir up a hornet's nest in people's lives. But even if it does what the heck!!! I can handle anything. Whats life without a Royal Challenge ;)