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I am the Southener. Remember me? I am a day late. Sorry. I was vacationing in Hawaii. I suggest you all also vacation there more often. Natural beauty(ies) in its abundance ;)
Lafemereva is planning to vacation in Hawaii this holiday season after seeing the pics I brought back!

Today I write about an Idea that destroyed many student lives.

Everyone was living a life of peace and quietude. Students were passing all their exams, percentage of educated people were rising. One sadistic Russian did not like this at all. So kabooooom one night, high on a lot of vodka and potatoes, he got an idea and developed a table which wreaked complete havoc amongst the student crowd. Some failed, some left academics, many went mad, there was total chaos. The percentage of educated fell at an exponential rate, and till date it still tortures the daylights out of people. I am talking about Dmitri Mendeleev and his periodic table. This is very close to my heart as even after burning the midnight oil I still get confused between Ca and Na. To add to my woes nowadays in movies (Like Dasavatharam (Tamil)) people have started using terms like Nacl instead of common salt. The day is not far when I have to go to an arrack shop and ask for Ch3Oh.

Structure of methanol:

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This post comes on the day I read that AU Chemical Engg Dept is celebrating its 75th Aniv this year. What a coincidence!

April 01, 2009

yes yes yes :) My gawd!!! Im getting all nostalgic!!

April 05, 2009

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