Diary of a frustrated 9 to 5 er!  

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Deary Diary,

If I could go back in time to that day when Murphy evacuated his mother's uterus and made an emergency exit into this world, I would take him and feed him to a cannibal. Bah!!! Murphy and his laws ruled my day and just had a blast!!!!

U just wait Mister, I will so come after you and vanquish you!!! Xena - The warrior princess types!!!!

And I will live to see a PS3 game named after our battle.


P.S The guy who sits near the copier is cute!

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xena the warrior princess.. you are better off wagin better wars with copier boys :-)(I just meant a conversation you perverted mind!!!;-)!#$!#@$)

March 31, 2009

of course, me too was thinking the same thing.....almost!!! ;)

March 31, 2009

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