Southener Series - Numero Uno - Idea that helped create a multi-million dollar empire  

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Remember this?

Flashback: I told you about a certain Southener who sent a few links which I put together for a novel business idea for which he claimed 50% profits.

This Southener called me of all the time in the world on a sunday morning to tell me that he had a dream (nightmare for me) last night. Apparently in the dream he had a calling in which he was instructed by the forces that be to share his "novel" ideas with the world. And this hopeless and jobless Southener who is beyond redemption calls me and asked to make a guest appearance for a few consecutive sundays (of all days!!) on my blog to share them with you all.

Now you may ask why he cannot post it on his own blog. Exactly. That's what I asked him too. He said that having written such similar "torture posts" on his blog, people who were once readers of his blog have now started blocking his blog site unable to bear the chinese torture.

So the misery ridden Southener is on a mission to ensure that my well-read blog and subsequently well- entertained readers meet with the same fate.

Misery Loves company. Never more justified than now! Sigh!

So why am I still allowing such uncouth and blog-destructive behaviour?
Old time's sake. You know. The Southener and I once (pretended to) worked together in a place which made working in Alcatraz prison, which housed the infamous Al Capone, worth looking forward to. And the people we worked with - made working with the likes of Al Capone, a pleasant dream. They had half evolved. So, left together, as the only two sane people, lots of pastries, coffee, conversation and yes, ideas (mostly mine but falsely publicised by him as his own) flowed.

So please read below the Southener's thoughts and feel free to send me an email essaying your personal thoughts (insults) and I shall promptly forward to the Southener's address.

That will wake the Southener from his fantasy!! Like I was woken up from mine, by him, at a criminally early hour on a sunday morning. That rat!

Over to the Southener.


I am the Southener and I am honored and privileged to share my thoughts with you below. I thank Lafemmereva for letting me hijack her blog for this noble cause.

Why is it that when we think of an idea the first thing that we visualize is a bulb? Is it the Edison effect? I mean its not just that he is the only one who had an idea right? Newton did, Archimedes did, so why do we not visualize an apple or a bath tub? Ever thought about it?

Ideas have led to many great deeds:

Idea that helped create a multi-million dollar empire:
As a boy he was very weak in academics (nope i am not referring to Tarey zameen par, this is way before anyone knew about learning disabilities). One day the poor soul was sitting in his physics class unable to comprehend what was so great about an apple falling from a tree when the bespectacled moustached physics teacher moved on to a subject called buoyancy with the old tale of Archimedes and how he jumped out of his bath tub baring all and running through the streets shouting "Eureka! Eureka!" to the amusement of all the Greeks. Eureka ............ the little boys bulb lit, nope he still did not understand buoyancy, but used the idea of the person baring it all publicly in a more so called "artistic" way and built a multi million dollar empire out of it. If you still have not guessed the name, its Hugh Hefner of the Playboy fame.

A boss I once worked with used to pretend to be reading status reports in his locked up cabin when all he was doing was ogling at the centre-spread in the PB magazine. And we were "honestly" coding, debugging , testing and sending him the "real" status reports. My boss now has a company of his own, post retirement, in a beach in Hawaii. He sells beach wear from recycled material. I'm guessing those status reports we sent him are being recycled somewhere. I know what inspired him!

There are many more such novel ideas that changed the world, I shall make guest appearances over the next few Sundays and share them with this august audience.

(I actually called Lafemmereva at 5 in the morning this Sunday but she refused to answer the phone. When I tried again the phone was switched off. Finally I reached her around noon which she calls "morning". I shall try again next Sunday ;) )

Toodles! Cya next sunday!

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