Lesson in Grammar : Adjectives  

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CW#1: See what a manager had to say about my co-worker (and that too in writing) She
is ambitious, knowledgeable, structured, organized, experienced and enthusiastic.
CW#2: All these words are in reference to the same person?
CW#1: Yes. What is the maximum number of adjectives someone has ever used in one
sentence while describing your work?
CW#2: Lemme see, Can't remember. Oh Yeah, Got it. I was called a Buffalo once by my
CW#1: Anyways, Have you seen so many adjectives in a sentence ?
CW#2: Do not worry, Even Jack Welch would not have got appreciation like this. Its ok ...

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hahaha!!! true, this is like the way we got our reco letters from professors!!! LOL!

April 03, 2009

the way u got them :P I was honest - as always :P

April 05, 2009

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