Smarter than a fifth Grader?  

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Mollu's Manager sends her a list of things to do at 12 : 00 in the night! (Bold, Emphasis, Underline 12:00 in the night! A man with a wife and a kid!)
Manager's mail as follows:
Title of the email: A few tasks to do...

Mollu's response to manager inline to the mail..
Title of the email : A few Tasks to do....? (Go fish!)
#1,#2, #3 ....I have taken a print out of this and kept at my desk. For some I can’t give a status right away because it’s a long process. For some I have. Over the next few centuries the status for the remaining ones will be sent when there is an update.

End of the mail chain!

Mollu and manager go to their respective beds and sleep!

Next day Mollu is asked to send a status report to the client and Mollu decides to borrow conveniently from the previous day's mail and says so to her manager for which pat comes the reply!
Manager: Feel free to copy, peek or cheat because you are not smarter than a fifth grader :)
Mollu: People not smarter than a fifth grader may well go on to become American/Indian Idols!

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Oh manager my manager how much more will u damage?
Try getting some brains and replace the cabbage!
You started with excel and continued on word,
How many more will you turn into idiots from nerds?
Time sheets, status reports, proposals galore,
Its high time the company showed you the door !!

.......... nd so on nd on nd on ....

July 17, 2008

hahah!! good one luci!

April 04, 2009

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