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Okay, I Revathi Balasubramaniam confess. I have a few bags and shoes.

Don't ask me for numbers. What's in a number these days. Today you might have a few zeroes after a 1 in your bank account. Tomorrow it maybe a few zeroes before 1. So numbers mean nothing unless you are them.

Ask no question - Hear No lie!!! Let's just say I have left no color unturned in the bag or shoe domain :P

If I were to build a house I would have my own (ar) rack room full of my own Pradas, Fendis and LVs.

Now the entrepreneurial voice in me has always been whetted by many well-meaning (comparably shoeless and bagless) friends who have urged me to exercise caution in these difficult times.

So, capital may be scarce but vision never is. Here I come up with a brilliant proposal thanks to a few links that came into my inbox from a certain Southerner who is seeking 50% of the profits that I make from this business venture. Bah! Like I couldn't have thought of it myself!!

Read this and that..

So putting this and that voila!!! One (Read ME) can actually move to Maple Land, if Uncle Sam shows the door, and setup shop. I can actually rent out my bags/shoes, which are clamoring for space in my house, for a nominal amount to other damsels (Discount if you just need one well heeled shoe to gently tap your significant other) and from the profit I make I can re-invest in newer assets (shoes and bags for myself) to be added to the business (after they make a debut on me of course!!!)

I am also willing to barter with fellow maple-ians if they are willing to loan me the latest Ipod Talking shuffle in exhange-loan for my goods.

So it is really a very well sustaining business utilises the concept of putting your assets (bags and shoes only!! Mental Images of any other asset is a sign of a perverted mind!) to use and parallely ensuring a constant inflow of more assets (again bags and shoes).

I am an enlightened sole!!! Maybe thats what Ill call my businesswebsite where I put my goodies for sale I rock and am awesome!

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A very ingenious concept .... the certain southerner seems to be a very intelligent fellow ... !! 50% profit sharing is nothing ocmpared to such a brilliant idea .... !! :) ...

Long live bagborroworsteal and red and white with maple leaf !! :) ...

March 11, 2009

He must stolen the words out of lafemmereva's mouth!

April 04, 2009

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