Move over Spider/Super/Bat Men...  

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Click here to meet the 3 new Super heroes

SH# 1: He is 5'4" tall: This super hero is bespectacled and has a squint. Despite being deprived of physical height this man founded and took an IT behemoth to dizzying heights. And to me he is a super hero not because I make my bread and butter from the IT behemoth he founded but because we all like stories of the guy next door who scaled great walls!

SH# 2: Petite Innings: Too fast, not too furious and not too tall either. Nopes not Schumacher. Our very own "little" model currently at Madame Tussad's - The "Master Blaster" who is a self - confessed car conossieur.

SH# 3: Loreal Shampoo needs a new face? How about our very own ex- excellency who has both beauty and brains, who can ensure SRK foregoes the unique distinction of being the first star in a female oriented commerical (Remember Lux Ad, No? Refresh your memory here).

So no prizes for guessing the first comic book that Straw reads.....

Size doesn't matter unless you are Hulk Hogan /Pamela Anderson!

-- I Think...... Therefore I am.......

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APJ's silken strands have drawn envy all over the world.

It seems Mikhael Gorbachef (ignore spelling mistake it is a proper nown) went into depression after seeing it and called off the cold war with america as he wanted to subscribe to which is an american organization.

March 12, 2009

"IT behemoth to dizzying heights" -- is he worth super hero status really ?
sure the boy next door who wins is a gr8 movie story but most of the dizzy heights was bcos of the market on steriods and americas consumption power..
i think timing - when business heads of the US of A decided to look for other places to outsource was key to Infy's success.
(i have the highest respect for what he is - no doubt)
but really a company that makes its "TECH" employees wear necktie for work in south of india (hot & humid) ..thats far away from being someplace to be !
he will always be a father figure, someone who thinks like our fathers do !
certainly not cool enough to be super hero.

March 16, 2009

i may not agree to what you have to say, But I will defend to death ur right to say it :)

April 05, 2009

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