Pull a face, stick your tongue and you are young!  

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Some get Geisha Facials, Some get leech therapy. Now we are all not such extremists.
So we will just pull a face, stick our tongues and get young!

That is what Happy Face Yoga teaches us to do.

Now if you are looking to pepper in some office fun, call your workmates and give a session with a live demo. Ensure everyone participates. Interactive session and all.

If possible keep a picture of boss facing while you do this.

You may substitute the picture of boss for anyone else's as you deem fit. Free will. Full fun.

WARNING: Make sure no kids are around.

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I do WTF face yoga every time I look at my co-workers' code

April 09, 2009

don't feel lonely. He willr reciprocate with the same emoticon when he sees you send his appraisal form back to him...Perpetuating cycle!

April 09, 2009

And Make sure No bosses around too! :-)

April 09, 2009

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