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Okay, I have been working with computers last few years so I do know a bit about managing my site :)

Thanks to all those who mailed me all through the last hour frantically saying the site was down.

You see, I am touched by your concern. No really. Honored to know this site is monitored 24x7.

Just got some kicks out of tickling your funny bones by bringing it down intentionally for a while.

Caught ya, Happy April Fool's day!!!!

If you were not one of those who mailed me saying the site was down you obviously must be patting yourself on the back for saving yourself the blushes.

How about this? I am planning on sending a gift to all those who mailed me!! Loyalty rewards program you see!


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Liked the list of Top April Fool's day pranks. And I think this is also an April Fool Prank!!!

April 04, 2009

Thanks Hemal!!! :)

April 04, 2009

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