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I Love music = I Love good singers.

In American Idol this week LHS was not equal to RHS.

Because ,

MJo is space ages ahead of Anoop Dog.
She has an attitude and I like people who have one. I don't care if a person's attitude is good or bad.

I Love people who have one.

MJo told Simon "She didn't care".

And to me that was a good singer with a damned good attitude that America voted out!!!

So were Jennifer Hudson and Clay Aiken in prior seasons. They probably will be called for live performance in a future season. Last laugh was never louder. Rest my case.

This week's live performances:

  • Boy, David Cook is a dish :P
  • Lady Ga ga needs to go- go. She looked like pink cotton candy wrapped in silver foil crying for a kid's attention.

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Megan Joy was one of my fav contestant :(
She is funny.
I couldnt sleep that night. Not coz i was sad. Just coz i saw Ga Ga. :)

April 02, 2009

Yes, she was ghastly!

April 02, 2009

Bad attitute is not healthy!

April 04, 2009

True but some spineless people have no attitude at all.They will just agree to whatever you say!!!

April 04, 2009

hmmmm... attitude why carry so much around if one can relax a bit and smile?? i dnt agree dat attitude is cool or good i thnk being happy and carrying a smile is better!! nice template!!! overall blog look is so soothing.. keep blooging!

April 04, 2009

I totally agree with u in case of Ga-ga.............But i was happy to see anoop has another chance........I wish it was alison who left n not megan.........n yes David Cook is jussssssssssss awesome (Slurp....)

April 04, 2009

harry :( I care so much for Anoop and I kinda like Allison....But temme ...Danny Gokey or Kris Allen?

April 04, 2009

I like anoop and megan.. i love love david cook.. he has the sexiest voice ever..did u hear his 'always be my baby' in american idol when he was still in the competition?? hear the original & his version.. OMG, i was sold by his version.. i also like carrie underwood..

April 05, 2009

OMG!! I so love David Cook!! gosh, he looks so dofferent...I heard his bro is ill..:( and so he had to cancel his tour dates!!! I like carrie too!!! :) Yep...I was as glued to the last season as I am to this one!

April 05, 2009

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