Happy V!  

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Happy V you guys!!! :) Bah!! Vishu not Valentine. All westernized youths you are. No patriotic fabric I say !

May avials, thorans , kaalans and olans flow freely through your homes.

I had Kellog's Special protien cereal. Back home vada, payasam and appams on banana leaf was the fare :( Sigh! Umbilical woes.

If I had actually gotten my most over quoted mallu a** off the couch and gone to school this year, it would have been my first day at school today :P (Assuming the school accepted me). Student of Class 09-10. I would have graduated same day next year.

And boy!!! Watta story that would have been. Imagine reading this. She had a job , that TOO when the times were difficult, which she quit to go to school only to graduate with a big fat degree which she now uses to bang her head with.

That would have been some entertaining read.

Sometimes a girl can have all the luck. For once the girl who has it is reliving the tale. For once procrastination came to my rescue like a knight in armour.

Procrastination is like Robin Hood you know. Steals time from people (such as me) because you have no need for it. Gives it to someone poor and needy like the Indian psephologist.

With 48 hrs left for the first vote to be cast, as the world's largest democracy goes to the elections, the big question that is out on the street in America is "Was today's American Idol show the most lackluster ever?" Unless, if all you did was gawk at Paula Abdul's neckline, in which case my asking such a question makes you wonder if all that protein from that cereal has clogged my cerebrum or cerebellum or medulla.

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Happy Vishu to u tooo !!! Hope the new year brings with it a lot of joy and happiness for u !!!

BTW on the post more like an editorial .... lot of content all inter-related ... unlike the other stuff out here .... good one ... and as always ...

Pleasure to read ... keep it up ... :) !! :)

April 15, 2009

Had 5 vadais.. will dedicate one to you :-)

April 15, 2009

LFR - I added you to my blog roll but your latest post displays as something from 2 weeks back.. wat up?


April 15, 2009

hapy vishu to you too.. may this year brings u prosperity and peace.
even i missed all those dishes :( avial, olan, kaalan, thoran :( how i miss kerala!! sigh!!

u take care grl.

April 15, 2009

TW ....Me has fixed it!!! Many thanks for pointing it out to me!!!! :)

April 15, 2009

@sawan - Thanks, same to ya! :)

April 15, 2009

@ Saya - Burp!

April 15, 2009

Thanks Luci!

April 15, 2009

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