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This is my real story. All characters are definitely alive and kicking.

You are not the first to read this story. D.Rishi had the privilege of the first read today evening. After reading he said "It was poetic justice for what I did to you".

Circa 1988 Thursday 11:59 am- My name was B.Reva. I was in UKG - B section. I wore green shirt flaps. I was very short, fat and resembled a mud roller, faintly, when I walked.

It was recess time. I was drinking the Bournvita that the domestic help brought to school everyday. Kids were playing in the hot sun in the playground. The Bournvita unleashed the animal in me. We ran to the playground - My tummy and I.

From nowhere a boy pelted a stone at my tummy. The last words I heard were a kid's voice saying "Short, stout, looser " My tummy and I doubled in pain. The perpetrator was D.Rishi. Dog Rishi! The other kids jeered, booed and called me a wuss before the hot sun closed in on me.

I went home crying. Mom inquired. I narrated the woeful tale. She asked me to watch Camouflage Animal watch - a Discovery Channel video. In retrospect I think I learnt my first valuable lesson in life that day - How an animal camouflages and waits at it's prey's usual watering hole.

Circa 1988 Friday 11:59 am

Same setting - Help has brought the drink . This time, Boost. Secret of my energy. His back is turned to me. I make timid steps. D. Rishi is having a sandwich in the shades of the mangrove in the distance. I crouch towards him stealthily. I pick up a stone and hurl it at him. Stone's trajectory makes a parabolic motion and he turns his head just in time to see it coming at him, full throttle, with the velocity of Soviet WW rocket. 4 of his incisors were history that day. They were permanent teeth.

Mother cheered from the pavement nearby. The domestic help whistled. After all they were the architects of the victory. Mother picked the weapon. Domestic help delivered it to me, with Boost.

The secret of my victory, Our Victory - Boost.

Circa 2008 Tuesday 6:37 pm XYZ Airport.

My name is B.Reva. I am in zyx Company. I wear Manolo Blahnik.

I was leafing through a magazine. A man sat next to me.
He occupied two seats. Reflex action - I checked him out. I saw a flash of white. I leaned to take a closer look. His incisors were whiter than the rest of the teeth. He was short and stout. He was yakking on phone. I heard my school's name . He was on a roll. So was his tummy. He hung up. I asked his name.

I asked if he remembered B.Reva. He held his breath. He complimented that I was not how he remembered me or how he thought I would turn out to be. Shy came.
I blushed a bit. A dog owner passed by. My Train of thoughts - Dog. Rishi. Dog Rishi. Boost. Animal. Camouflage. Prey. Mother. D/Help. Pavement. Cheer. Victory.

We hugged customarily and promised to "Poke" each other on Facebook.

Circa 2008 Tuesday 6:57 pm XYZ Airport

Last boarding call for me. His flight was a couple of hours after mine. I called my mother trying to balance a piece of paper in one hand and the phone in the other. I said a few words. Mother cheered. She said I had given myself my best birthday present ever. It was my birthday, that day. I was born at 6:57 PM. Talk about timing.

D.Rishi missed his flight. His boarding pass, a piece of paper needed to board a flight, was missing.
Security issues. They refused to print him a new one unless he cleared security again. He waited 2 more hours before they could get him a new one for the next flight.

Later on that night he thought felt a tug when he hugged me. He thought it was his tummy coming in our way. Not my hand reaching for the paper which I held in my hand while telling Mother what I had done and trashed in a dumpster before boarding.

I need to go now and "Poke" him on Facebook.

He says we are now officially even.

Moral of the story - Mummy knows best . So stop sucking your thumb :P !!!

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Ha ha ha!!! nice one!!! So one must really watch out with reva.........never get on her wrong side............Kudos babe!!!

April 09, 2009

aahh.. Poor Rishi.. You must be enjoying this though (revenge is a dish best served cold?)


Real Moral of the Story: Don't ever ever ever ... ever get on the wrong side of B.Reva (even if it is just for fun) :P

PS:Imagine the Real Moral of the Story being said by Dr.Cox of Scrubs if possible..

April 09, 2009

Thats pretty mean!!!thats all i gotta say... and coming from a fat guy you should understand!! :):)

April 10, 2009

Whoa! Poor Rishi! :) I bet he didnt expect getting even 21 years, 4 lesser teeth and a delayed flight later! :)

April 10, 2009

Now, that is tit-for-tat. Very interestingly narrated! Hard to believe though.. :P I mean, I can't believe that you have actually trashed his boarding card.

April 10, 2009

Hey! Very well presented. Love the short stories :) Also, momma knows best. Totally true. Hail mothers. \m/

April 11, 2009

I can't believe that you remember someone from UKG. Poor Rishi, I hope he is forgiving :) or he will write some story like this about you in few years.. lol

April 11, 2009

hahahaha!! man what was that?? funny and stupid and brilliant all roleed into one.. cant believ i WANTED to read the full story just to know where it ends!!

keep blogging!

April 12, 2009

Whoa! Four teeth!
Go Reva!

April 13, 2009

lol! vengeance is indeed sweet!! :))))

April 13, 2009

Wow, mean mean mean... But that was the way to go. Bravo !

April 13, 2009

Is this a fact or creative work of fiction :P

April 15, 2009

I am rendered speechless. Except for this speech.
Literally, you fought him tooth and er... plane. :)
It's a Sidney Sheldon novel in the making. Traumatic prank played by alpha male on timid female in childhood. Male moves on without a few teeth. Female still remembers. For 20 years. Takes reverberating revenge.

April 15, 2009

@ all ye guys : Just gave him my love guys!!! He went to the dentist this weekend to get the rest of his teeth the same color as the "white" ones. So all for the larger good!! He has a nice bright smile!!! :)

April 19, 2009

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