Nature calls in the male and female voice!  

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I was mooching off on a good friend's hospitality in her apartment, filing away the How (NOT) to loose your job series on this blog while sipping the hot masala chai and masala vada she was making, the good samaritan that she is. 2 other friends who were also present in the room asked to read the write- up before I could post them. Having read them they got into a heated discussion.

Female Friend 1 : Men should open the door for the ladies, isn't it?
Male Friend 1 : Why would both of us go to the same restroom?((assumed Friend 1 meant restroom
doors, God knows why)

Female Friend 1 was dumbfounded
Masala Vada and tea making friend collapsed after squeals of laughter.

Darn!! My masala Vada supply is cut!!!

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