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Movies, Music and Men - My best sources of entertainment. I like all 3 of them unequivocally in all forms but if I were to prioritize I'm afraid I have to indulge in favoritism for just once and pick movies. Especially the dark ones. If I get a chance to go back to Harry Potter times I would do so just to sit through the Defense of the Dark Arts class. That choice is an outcome of my predisposition to outlets of entertainment which have a philosophical bent or deal with the abysmal depths to which human behavior can plunge.

Ergo, most of my favorite movies are those which depict the manic nature of human psyche like Batman - The Dark Knight, Requiem for a dream, Sin City, Boondock Saints, Fight Club, Shining, Following, American History X, Run Lola Run, Bicycle Thief....

Today in the darkness of the theatre I witnessed one of the darkest movies ever made, effortlessly making it one of my most recent favorites.

Once touted "unfilmable" because of the humongous nature of the novel, Watchmen turned out to be a visual treat and a mental appetizer. It rests its laurels on borrowed adaptation from the comic , which by the way was my least favorite comic in my childhood because of its pronounced emphasis on violence.

It still is a movie that will tick in the minds of many with clockwork precision. And for every cacophonic voice of criticism Watchmen responds in the form of silence, which prevails in the aftermath of the deaths of millions after the final war. The movie had heroes, antiheroes, blue light emitting Manhattan man, Earth and even the Mars. But what makes this movie an emotionally gratifying experience is its almost eerie portrayal of the savage nature of mankind, polarization of allies in war and the unmistakable message that in a war there are no winners - only survivors. And also - violence begets violence.

Rorschach - After the Joker in Batman, Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean, Rorschach is my favorite on screen character. The delusional, scarred, freckled psychopath who never compromised till the end.

The downside - Veidt could have been portrayed as a more powerful character. The movie was a tad too long.

Watchman however still has the last laugh.

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