The journey from 70 - 125 --Dreams are no lies!  

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Here and there you see it everywhere,
I as well had my own share!!
Addictions and desires evermore,
to be light so with the wind i can soar!!

I tried so hard to shed it all,
I tried everything including running in the fall!!
Gyms and pools did not help much,
the pants did not loosen and no miracles as such!!

Sadness galore and helpless I felt,
depression looming but still no fat did melt!!
Protiens and lipids all swimming in fat,
all hopes gone and in brooding silence I sat!!

Forcefully packed off to a different land,
miseries enough to hide face in hand!!
In distress I started eating healthy,
the first effect was that I was more wealthy!!

Salads from chipotle lentil and white rice,
there was salt and pepper but no sign of any spice!!
Three meals a day with no munches in the middle,
the tummy was a bit bored with the mind solving the riddle!!

One fine day I decided to buy the scale,
to check how heavy I was so that I could once more wail!!
Oh my god I never believed what I saw,
from a seventy(kgs)to one twenty five(lbs) against all law!!

For years I had tried to reduce the load,
and all efforts went in vain on the long road!!
But when it was time it did come true,
fate was the winning ship and me in its crew!!

My miseries gone, my sadness flew,
the beautiful smile was there once again in lieu!!
I did the jig, a butterfly dance, and a leap in the sky,
I felt that my small dream was no more a lie!!

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oh my GOd Reva is that u writing this all.....

thoroughly loved reading this one

July 11, 2008

danke yels!! :):) yep me alrite :)

April 05, 2009

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