The way they were......  

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She carried him through wind and storm
Mothered a lost soul from dusk to dawn
Every necessity of life she gave
And not an inch of want did she crave

Time moved on and so did the tide
Gallantly they moved on the roller coaster ride
Ups and downs a part of life
They talked of everything including their strife

From bitching humour to intellectual talk
Nothing stopped them from their blissful walk
On top of the hill the horizon they always saw
And when down in the valley they fought their regular law

For Columbia they craved and dreamed
No its not coffee, its just their dream sealed
She was the boat and he was the oars
Without each other they could never fight the boars

They fought many battles through highs and lows
History will tell of their stories galore
They won some, They lost some, but they tried so hard
That the devil had tears and so did the silent lord

She was responsible and knew what was right
He had his ideals but was confused what was dark or light
Life is mysterious and the day came
When the boat had to float and the oars were lame

The boat was strong and she could float without help
The oar was wooden and would sink with an unheard yelp
He still waits at the sea shore
When she will return and together they will discover more

A wait so long and lonely for him
But he says he will do it even if the light goes dim
What keeps them going is memories from the past
A treasure never lost even if the die is cast

They will live for today and for tomorrow
They shall live through happiness and sorrow
They shall dance away the darkness in purple haze
The shall remain enshrined in a crystal maze!

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love your poem girl!! brillant!!!

July 11, 2008

Thanks Nandu!!

April 05, 2009

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