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DISCLAIMER: All names/events have been glorified to keep the montly paycheck coming. Any resemblance whatsoever to a similar write up published in any forum shall lead to a quick deletion of this POST and a vehement denial of this ever being published :)

(This was an interview I gave in a certain forum and to protect my interests have changed a few names/questions)!

If I can afford the luxury of time I shall come up with a spoof of this post :)

Name: lafemmereva

Occupation: Try to compile Bytes of Verse

Designation: e-Janitor( I fix bugs and defects and clean code!)

Want to work for : Till the day I win the lottery!

Tell us about yourself…I was born with a silver spoon into a family of doting parents and loving sister. Father’s demanding job took me to various places, with each place and person having a story to tell. This continuous exposure to various people and cultures made me a more outgoing, active and adventurous person.

What aspect of your work inspires and challenges you the most?
Working with diverse people who put aside their differences and work towards the common goal of making the project a success.

Your workplace to you is…
A place where even twenty something people are entrusted to handle critical modules, guide their subordinates, coordinate with superiors and prepare themselves for their Onsite travel to far off lands to face demanding clients. In short the sense of pride, responsibility, satisfaction and a pat on the back in the aftermath of a job well done is what my workplace is and is what it will always be to me.

The person you admire most in the industry…
I have quite a lot of people whom I deify to satiate my intellectual appetite. So I can’t zero in on any one particular person. However I always feel awed by the entrepreneurial spirit of the Venture capitalists of the software industry.

A goal (professional or personal) you want to accomplish this year…
I want to be richer this year than I was last year and I hope my boss is reading this.

Best learning experience on the job…
I was in a project which was very demanding in terms of effort since it was a new account and it was a new venture of sorts for my unit. There were many critical phases and many of us put in extra hours at many times. My manager in a previous project, ensured that he always stayed back till everyone left and he always led by example be it coming to office on weekends if the team had to come or postponing lunch and accompanying us when we went later. Nothing is as motivating as having a superior who leads by example and this is the best lesson I take away amongst many others.

Weekends to you mean…
Saturdays in college meant watching the sun rise while drinking tea in “Nair Tea Kadai” after a jog in RK Beach in Vizag followed by a fun ride back home in “Bajaj Chetak” with my college mate. Now saturdays mean waking up to the sound of Skype Phone to talk to my parents, causing intestinal disorders in my otherwise healthy roommate and friends what with my deplorable culinary skills and watching psychotic or comedy movies.
Sundays start with a visit to Starbucks and then a visit to the Temple to ask God to keep my loved ones safe and absolve me of all the sins I have committed during the week!

If you had all the time in the world, you would…
Go back and thank every school/college teacher/professor because I truly believe that a teacher affects eternity; he/she can never tell where his influence stops! From curtailing my nose picking habits as a kid to goading me to top the university my teachers have all been a slice of the humble pie called lafemmereva!

Ten years from now, you see yourself…
As a Super Mom rushing to drop her prodigious son at school lest she misses her morning bus!

A skill you’ve always wanted to learn…
1.Glib talk! I have always been swept off my feet by glib talkers who are bestowed or have cultivated the art of smooth talking. I have seen people cruise/con their way through sticky situations with their gift of the gab.

2.Swimming! I believe I could have shared space with the likes of Ian Thorpe if my dad had let me take swimming classes instead of “Programming” classes. But after 23 years when I take my paycheck every month I say a silent thank you to my dad for insisting on the “Programming Classes”.

Books, music, films, or another art form. What would you choose and why?
I would choose books because I think outside of a dog, a book is your best friend, and inside of a dog, it's too dark to read.

I used to rate music higher since once it used to be original but now its aboriginal!!

Your personal slogan reads…
Capital isn’t Scarce; Vision is!

In about 100 words, tell us a few things about yourself that we could use in a blurb that introduces you.

Know me Know fun. No me No Fun!

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oh yah super mom rushing her kids.. loved that line a lot....

hmm i still miss our bajaj Chetak days

July 11, 2008

moi too!!! :) !!! sunny also!!

March 31, 2009

Reading your blogs since morning, I find it so true - Know you, Know Fun. No You, No Fun! :) :)

May 14, 2009

U are hilarious!!! I am blog rolling you

June 15, 2009

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