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Read below excerpts from an Interview with the young, sassy, successful, hep and versatile Reva , CEO of Reva Inc listed amongst the Top 20 rich women in "Planet of the apes".

Reva Inc has found the ultimate cure for AIDS. Reva Inc recycles the rubber from chewing gum spit on the roads of Old Jersey (By sophisticated “Desis Abroad” who chew on it like Jersey cows and spit it right where your expensive Jimmy Choo's land and you spend the rest of the month foregoing lunch to make up for the shoe lost in the "sole" valley) and converts them to spotted, stripes, scented , condoms and sells them through vending machines installed at every mile in the NY Subway.

This concept was totally endorsed by Owen Wilson who caught onto it like a house on fire while filming the movie "Wedding Crashers".

KKarran Know-Her interviews on:

Tell us about yourself…
I was born with a silver spoon into a family of doting parents and loving sister. Father’s demanding job took me to various places, with each place and person having a story to tell. This continuous exposure to various people and cultures made me a more outgoing, active and adventurous person. I am so adventurous I recently decided to drive from Old Jersey to WomanHattan instead of the subway!

Your take on Team work?
Working with diverse people who put aside their differences and work towards the common goal of making the project a success. We help each other like monkeys do on the way to the top of the corporate tree in the corporate jungle and some of us get there and the others don't! The monkeys who get up the ladder look down to see a tree full of smiling faces and the monkeys at the bottom look up and see nothing but assholes!

A goal (professional or personal) you want to accomplish this year…
I want to be richer this year than I was last year and I hope the other board of directors and my shareholders are reading this.

Unforgettable learning experiences on the job…
I have had the opportunity to work with people who have excellent communication skills. One of the mails I can never forget reading which I save as a template for all aspiring and budding managers in my company. This from one of the star performers of my company.... "Since there are so many important communications you are sending and marking me copying and assuming that I am looking on it. As I am working on multiple activities, I was not able to view all your mails on time and respond it back"... Another one..:) "I absorbed that many of our team members are coming to office on irregular timings. It is has to be taken care."

Rapid Fire…..

Shoes, Movies,Music: Revatheese for Oxygen. Abundant supply needed for survival and also defense - ShoeSmack is the new kung fu.

Heights of Laziness: Flying Kisses ( Too Lazy to give the real one!)

Why do you have so many clothes? So that when the world runs out of fuel one day I can burn them all and there would be enough fuel for everyone in the world

If you ever wrote a book it would be : Pink Lives!

Favorite Coffee: Cappuccino, Mocha

Favorite Lip Shades: Cappuccino, Mocha (Yes they are actually Lip shades!) There must obviously have been some Lipstick Man who spent all his time concocting shades while burning the midnight oil with coffee.Hence the same name.

Favorite Hang out Zone : Office Restroom (I sometimes even arrange for snacks for meetings conducted there) Professional courtesy.

Most Powerful Weapon : SMS

Have you ever told anyone those 3 words : Yes, Pay the bill

Most Revered person: Shakeela.

Fitness Routine: Shopping (Is my Cardio)

Favorite Formula One drivers : Britney Spears, Paris Hilton

How much can you eat in a day? : Burp!

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A thoughtful look into the planet of apes,
dwelt by creatures who can jump over capes!!
A distant vision which should come true,
a fruitful venture that should leave the rest without a clue!!
The dream keeps us living and not dead,
Live your dream soldier so that in reality this can be again read!!

October 16, 2008

hahaha!!! :)Luci!

April 05, 2009

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