Sound of the Lamb 'ert'  

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Of late I have been working extended hours.Yawn! Some general, lame, corny excuse of the last order about giving some worth in return for the money I take home:P I know!

It would have been be a sacrilege if I hadn't taken time off to watch Adam "Guy Liner wearing" Lambert's performance on today's Idol.

And publicize my allegiance to him in my status in Orkut, Facebook, Office email signature ...Wait a minute!!!

Adam is definitely one of the most innovative singer ever on Idol and there is yet another feather in this lad's hat as an outcome of his performance tonight. Of course, it takes a L/reva, bestowed with the powers of acute observation to bring such monumental feats to your attention.

Only a A. Lambert can :

  • Get away with "performing" in a blue movie light setting and also have his family watch him LIVE in "action":P
  • And actually also have America vote for him for the same.
  • And maybe even go on to win the idol.
  • And maybe even make a record.
  • And delay our bed time because we need to blog about some random thing so as to entertain faithful blog readers personalities like Adam Lambert seeing whom male teens get a brainwave to cut costs by sharing their girlfriend's eyeliner and black nail shade, all to look fashionable. (Maybe its PAYBACK time. We stole their fashion -trousers, shirts even ties. They steal our liner ,black nail shades and long hairstyles. A very karma levelling phenomenon).
  • And have you and me get our lazy bottoms to work in the morning so we can download his song from torrent itunes.

So, Girls and Boys vote for All pay and no work Adam Lambert and get your 80 cents, while I email my English teacher from school (keeping Wren and Martin in copy) that they were hoodwinking us all these years. We CAN construct full meaningful sentences in English that begin with "And"( like I did in the bullets above) and have several adults reading this google for that long lost treasure they once posessed called Wren and Martin.

And wonder if that is all that they needed to ace their GRE/GMAT/TOEFL.

On a serious note - Kudos! I am contemplating using A.L's soul and subsequently goosebumps stirring rendition of "Mad world" as a grave "skin condition" to take off work tomorrow.

Just one small roadblock - My boss has subscribed to my blog feed :( Sigh!

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lol.. payback time huh, wonder what girls will start doing next to re-tilt the karma balance... er.. is there anything guys have left which hasn't been stolen? :P

Well, have to confess that Ive not seen a single episode of this season's Idol! (must have watched about 5 episodes of all seasons at best!!).. Don't blame me, i love music, but it doesn't come on tv at my hostel!!

April 08, 2009

btw.. you still haven't added friend connect to ur blog!!!! WHY? :D

April 08, 2009

good one about payback :).. i have yet to see the last night's episode..

April 08, 2009

Well...I didnt watch yesterday's episode of AI...But the first two lines of your post caught my eyes..ahem!! Now your "roadblock" is blocking me to comment more on that..Anyways you know what I mean....

April 08, 2009

@sammy - yes we leave you with the restaurant bill :P

April 08, 2009

@Sam - and all other possible bills in the world!!!

April 08, 2009

@Charan - I felt bad, Scott is out!!

April 08, 2009

@Raga - the first two lines didnt catch our eye...I know what would have!! :P Sly female!!

April 08, 2009

@sammy -- google connect --- yes, yes this weekend!!! not time, working :(:(:(

April 08, 2009

I haven't been seeing American Idol but yea.. now that your boss subscribes to your feed, Lol! Poor you.

April 08, 2009

Kaddu - dya know of a widget to blog a specific cookie namely the you know who's! :P

April 08, 2009

Restaurant bills :O .. Now I understand why one of my buddies said that never give a girl your wallet!!! :P

April 09, 2009

awesome one amma!!!! and yes..AL ROCKS (though i hate tht guys fashinistic statements)!!!

April 09, 2009

@sammy :D yeah thrill for us and bill fr ya :)P

April 22, 2009

@ harry he was looking better this week! all dolled up :P

April 22, 2009

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