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We all react to catastrophic incidents differently. I respond to it by risking to go through it again hoping this time I'll strike gold.

And I did just that! After suffering from a major friday night "Delhi 6" hangover "Taken" was like the next morning cold shower + coffee - hangover cure. Liam Neeson is like a one-man army winning the Kurukshetra in Mahabarata leaving behind a trail of bodies which when lined are still not longer than the long legs of the women for sale in the movie!

Okay... I am a chemical Engineer ,er...atleast on paper and I always learned and believed that you need to drill through layers of rocks to get to the crude oil. Maybe it is beneath all those hard rocks that oil and diamonds lie.If you were at a sale like me last evening you would know the high that you get when you dig deep into a box of sale items and find those perfect pair of Kenneth Cole peep toes right at the bottom where no one would dare put their hand!

Maybe you just need to watch a "Delhi 6" to bring out the "Kaala Bandar" in you which goads you to brave the cold weather and hit the cinemas again in the hope of winning gold. Hope after all is the expectation of good things to come. What I saw last night was pure plain old edge of seat kind of "makes me wanna say wow" kind of action that the likes of Tokyo Drift and Bourne Series are made of.

I was Taken " away" after watching the movie "Taken" for it struck a personal chord in me. For it was a movie which told the world that a man gives much more than 23 xx chromosomes on one fateful night for his Baby girl.

It may take a man to make a man but it takes much more than a man to make a woman. It takes a man who will put up with his daughter's first crush, first love, zits before the prom, first breakup, marriage, first fling, tears, disappointment, heartache, pre - partum depression, post - partum depression, just plain old depression et al.

I have been asked by many close friends multiple times how despite spending a quarter of a century on planet earth I still choose to claim that there is only one man in this world that I claim to be my kindred soul especially when he is also the most difficult to live with.

Most of life's best mysteries were never solved and we all live our lives in search of answers. Maybe I derive my strength from being just that - My dad's daughter. Maybe that is enough to validate my being. Maybe, just maybe I see myself in him. I believe he gave me more than 23 xx chromosomes of himself. To me he gave much more - A rare gene pool that I will so obstinately carry for eternity, and still gives.

That's why Father- Daughter movies mean so much to me. They remind me of the man in my life who once ran 4 miles in the night behind a speeding bus in Singapore when he realised his daughter was left behind in the bus mistakenly - A man who took his daughter across state boundaries to watch a Rajini (A superstar in Kollywood) movie just so she could get to see her favorite hero in action in 35mm because of her love for cinema (Movies, Music (& Men) are my congenital necessities) - A man who still writes mails to his daughter across the atlantic every single day through breakups, bad hair days, monday morning blues and friday night fevers amongst many other "days".

If you are a daddy's girl be prepared to remain glued to your seat while watching this flick. You are warned - Kleenex and lots of money in your phone to call your dad are needed after the movie.

Thanking me for movie reviews for helping save money on movie tickets to worthy/worthless movies is one thing but expecting me to provide links to watch them online is like expecting Abhishek Bachhan to win an Oscar for "Delhi 6".

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I am sure ..... somewhere in his heart and soul .... he's proud to have a daughter like u .... and that shall be more than reinforced after reading this "review" .... !! :)

On a more irritating note ... and for the sake of the game i like to play known as "trouble trouble" do u have links to the Taken and Delhi 6? ... Oh nooo .. I see the frown ... and the broomstick in hand its ok relax .. i am doing the disappearing trick again !!! :)

February 22, 2009

Hey... Rev.. You must also watch this thamizh movie called "Abhiyum Naanum"

February 23, 2009

me will watch sweety!!!! This weekend!!

April 04, 2009

You have the invisible cloak is it?

April 04, 2009

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