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Like all things present that become retro in 5 years so will the above tongue twister

Fast forward 5 years down the lane. Hopefully I am on the other side of the Atlantic atleast by then. If I asked Straw, my nephew, for a tongue twister he would probably say "Delhi 6 sucks, Delhi 6 sucks!" And if I ever made him watch the movie he would probably ask me why all bedtime stories were cramped into one movie....Delhi 6 is just that -- Too many stories and an ending that Bruce Almighty already gave us visually!

I always knew man never evolved. Watching Delhi 6 confirmed it. Apparently Charles Darwin's theory left some of the species untouched- The Monkey man and the Burger species.

Watching the movie for the first hour makes you want to text the director and ask him "Dude, where's the film going, or is it going anywhere at all!!!" Meandering through several plots and roads in which cows stop traffic by giving birth the camera romances with the streets of Delhi and makes you feel almost as good as you did when you saw your first love after your first summer vacation way back in your Grad School. The "Aha " Navaratna Oil "Cool Cool" Feeling!

Breathtaking music and cinematography makes Delhi 6 an eye candy - still a mind sore!

The usage of Ram Leela to metaphorically depict the events in the film is as innovative as old movies showing flowers and legs crossing on screen while babies were being made!

Mirror mirror on the wall whom do we see in ever movie and all? Amitabh Bhachhan !!!!! If you pay for the son does the dad come as a part of the package? Amitabhji -May Bruce Almighty save you from climaxes!!!!

Sonam - True to her name shines like gold through the movie !!!

Maybe the yankee in me that's been growing for the last 2 odd years just couldn't take the slaughter of the twang in AB's diction as an NRI and just wanted to take that loose brick in the wall that the wives of the house in the movie used to gossip, and tap the film maker's head for luring me to go all the way on icy roads and chilly winter to watch it in a movieplex!!! There were no indian snacks in the hall and the jalebis sold for a dozen a dime in the movie didn't help the cause either :(

Reva's verdict on Delhi Che (6) - Chae Chae!!!!

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Is it the kaala bandar in you writing? lol....
Rahman rocks - thats all I gotta say :)

February 21, 2009

:) How did you know Sweths!!! I knew it takes one to know one :) Yeah U bet!! U saw the movie yesterday too? Rahman was really good!!!!! :)

February 21, 2009
Blog Voyeur!  

You bet!!! Your blog has kept many of my boring work afternoons lively!!!!! Especially the "Open letter to my one and only Mallu Chekkan" and "To my Tam Brahm's agonising Aunt".

February 21, 2009

This is a prime example of what i call slogging = (social service + blogging), u just saved me the pain of doing some piracy and watching it and gave me the pleasure of hearing the awesome music ... maybe they could have named the movie Delhi sucks instead ... six sucks pretty close by ....:)

February 21, 2009

blog voueur!!! Thanks!!!

March 31, 2009

luci u r scr#wed!

March 31, 2009

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