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If your day (like mine) begins with starting your car, jumping yellow lights to rush to the nearest StarBucks drive - through to hand your plastic to the guy at the counter for the enormous high that percolates through your system when you see the percolator brewing the black creative juice that jump starts you for the rest of the day - READ ON!!!

If I ever had twins I would call them Cream and Sugar! I would even maybe hold my coffee cup a little dearer than my Prada tote. Wouldn't you???

Okay. I once asked a co-passenger in a metro in New York if I could get a swig out of his coffee cup. He relented, I took a swig and woke up in time to get off at Howard Beach to catch my flight back to Denver. So what? I don't have caffeine issues.I have issues without it.

You want me to switch to Decaf? How about substituting grape juice for Dr.Pepper?

And so when I read about Starbuck's latest move to introduce instant coffee Read This I was dehydrated and my pupils dilated.

Some things are worth paying a premium. Close your eyes and think of that dreadful exam you claimed to breeze through (Just passed) by staying up all night (drinking coffee of course) perusing the question papers of maybe the last 10 years in an attempt to get repeat questions in the next day's exam because you just spent the last year at college checking out chicks/hunks or cozying up with friends lounging around in a Barista or a Cafe Coffee Day watching the smiley or some such latte art made on your coffee cup made by your barista.

And if you are a guy who graduated from a college in India how many evenings have you spent on a bench in a shop outside of college sharing one cup of Rs.2/- coffee with a bare minimum of 3 friends!!!

How about all those Karan Johars and Anu Hassans who use Kofi for TRP ratings!

Okay now open you eyes. (If you had dozed off while thinking of all those good times, Good Morning. Need some coffee? )

Did all that happen over a cup of INSTANT coffee? Nada!!!

Living in a fast food world whose inhabitants seek instant gratification like Instant manicures, Instant pedicures, Instant facials, Instant noodles I espouse and champion the cause of delayed gratification. I DO NOT LIKE MY COFFEE INSTANT. Yes, my coffee bills are more than my phone bills ? So...???

It is a warm day today and I am dehydrated, My percolator is calling !

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I love filter coffee - try expresso ground for a turkish filter from starbucks - pretty close to Saravanabhavan coffee :)

February 24, 2009

Sweths I just tried this..Totally awesome!!! You rock!

April 04, 2009

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