Homecoming Series #1 - Fasten your seat belts  

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End of 2008, Almost. I had officially dated two equally harsh summers and winters. Home was becoming a distant memory and my hand ached to ring my home's calling bell. I had had enough of calling cards. 2 years ago I had left my homeland crossing seven seas, to live the American dream and more often than not it was harsh reality that had awakened me.

On the day of my flight I woke up in a friend's place elated and delirious in equal measures at the prospect of finally going home. It was my birth month and I was flying out on my birthday, year of 2008 to my home, sweet home.

Like the Tata Indica advertisement that proudly claimed "We carry our world with us" I had in my entourage a token of gift for every special person back home. Something that didn't go well with the airline that was flying me, They probably thought less was the new more. So, very valuable items were offloaded ( Ferrero Rocher, Godiva chocolates, Yes!! That airline should be sued but I must say they have very handsome flight attendants and VERY tasty cutlets!!) on a very considerate friend who had come to see me off!

Several security checks and beeps later I eagerly boarded my flight to be told "Welcome aboard , You have no seat!!!!!" #%$&*%@#$%^ (The flight was apparently overbooked and I had to be on standby until a no-show of any of the passengers guaranteed my seat in the flight!)

All the color drained from my face. If I were to be rescheduled on a different flight I would have no cutlets.

"Aha Moment" Definition - You are in college. You are not a character in "Jaane tu ya Jaane Na" because in that movie parents are called Peachy and Pumpkin and they "hang out with their kids" You are in Mohabbatein. In Shankar Narayan's school. You can sing any number of songs. Your teacher (like SRK) can hang out with ghosts!! . You flunk in some Moral Science exam in that school and you are grounded for that.

Your Dad comes down hard on you. He goes out of town on work and you have the whole house to yourself. He is not expected until the next morning. You have a lab test to battle where you have to create a clone of Aishwarya's ghost in the movie so that SRK and Amitabh can have an arm candy but you choose to party because lab tests are for rats. And you care a rat's a#@. Your dad feels guilty and comes back early to take you out to a movie that night for after all you still managed to pass. You open the door in an inebriated state (song in the background " Its the final countdown") . You wish you could vanish into thin air like a Ghost. Aha Moment - AM is defined thus.

Last boarding call for Flight# xyx. Scene cut to me waiting at the boarding gate - My stomach staging a mutiny I reach out to my wallet to wet my throat with coffee from Caribou when reality struck on me like lightning threatening to leave a scar like the one on Mikhail Gorbachev's head.

I have my first "Aha" Moment ".AM# 1 - I had left my money and my card in a hurry with my "considerate" friend who had come to give me a ride. All I had was Washington facing me from a green back which said 10$. 400Rs. 7 Euros. The cost of 2 movie tickets and a popcorn, The cost of a hair cut in any India Metro's swanky salon. The cost of 3 cappuccinos. That's all the dough I had 10$ for 36hrs- with which I could buy 3 cappuccinos.

All I needed was a little credit.

Then I heard those words I had been waiting for "You may now board the flight". My pennilessness soon forgotten in the inviting aroma of the cutlets I made my way to my seat , said a little prayer, for the pressurised metal tube that I was making my way into would take me as close to God than I have ever been, in just a few minutes.

5,4,3,2,1 ........Yipeee...I was airborne. A quick text to thank the friend for the ride and a quicker glance at the cutlet trays brought home the reality. Mama, I was coming home!!!!......

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