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Tonight's episode of American Idol will be a very memorable one for me for some more time to come. It was a Nashville Grand Ole Opry week.

Nashville - I can probably write a 1000 words more on my first post of entry into this country. Grand Ole Opry - where a devilish roommate once took me, to see an ice show. At the end of the show I literally became an ice maiden myself!!

And the performances on tonight's Idol- You find treasure when you least expect it to. Anoop Desai really put up a good show. But he still doesn't work for me!!! Form is temporary, class is permanent.

A pic from that ice show in Nashville - Grand Ole Opry I went to. Yep! these are made of ice!!! :)

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Oh boy .... i remember that day ... it was close to thanksgiving, i had just come back from india and i froze in there. Also i remember that snow slide which gave a nice cold bumpy sensation to my small K !! :) :)

March 17, 2009

hahahah!!! small K it seems!!!

April 04, 2009

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