Confessions of a shopaholic!!  

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A shoe, a shirt, a wonderful skirt and a brilliant dress,
if i could buy it all with my cash not becoming less,
is the dream i have every time i dream,
even thinking of it makes me shout and scream !!

I brood and i think on how to make it true,
but the vision of the dress is stuck to my mind like glue !!
Every blink i make redeems the pleasure of the fancy bags,
then the mind tells me "spending drives you from riches to rags" !!

Quietly i sit and mourn the loss of my fancy item,
the woes of it surround me and their grips tighten !!
I sit there silently thinking what to do,
but no idea comes apart from the missed lovely shoe !!

Seeing my woes god did appear,
his wardrobe was made of nothing less than Hilfiger !!
He said "Daughter i do understand your plight,
In heaven Hilfiger is free, but on earth you have to pay for it right?"

I looked up to god and nodded my head,
he looked down at me and this is what he said !!
"Spending when necessary is out of need,
otherwise to monetary constraints it will lead !!

For some people need may be more, for some less,
thinking of that do not take too much stress !!
Reason for yourself how much you do really need,
buy just that, and money will stick to you like a wild reed !!

I agree Dolce is good and Gabbana even better,
but self control is a virtue not a few fancy letters !!
Keep this in mind and judge for yourself,
whenever you see fancy items lying on a shelf !!"

With these few words god did the disappearing act,
but by then i had made in my mind a pact !!
I would judge whats necessary and what is not,
even though it maybe Calvin Klein or not !!

With this thought i went to the mall with friends,
and i was sure i would listen to gods advice and make amends !!
They were all on a full fledged shopping spree,
but i controlled myself and got only what was free !!

Home i came a little depressed,
but the sight of my cash balance took away all the stress !!
For the first time in history I had not spent in a mall,
and in the entire weekend my bank balance did not become small !!

I had learned the trick to spend less and still be content,
necessity was the mother of invention and now i knew what it meant !!
To overcome desires and have self control was no longer a tale,
I had done it and i knew that was the path on which to sail !!

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kudos to yu fr ur insight and rhyming skills!! it was a pleasure to read your stuff... i think if u can use less words and more meanings it will add beauty to your poems fr otherwise it will turn into narration lyk spoken word..

reminds me of a sonnet i wrote on the fashion brands!!

April 04, 2009

Parv..Thank you so much for that feedback!!! Sure, will work on that!!! Do you still have that sonnet? I would love to read it!

April 04, 2009

Do read all poems if you get a chance and let me know your thoughts on them

April 04, 2009

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