Ala Carte or Buffet?  

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Just got back home. Phew!!!

I did no work today and got paid :) Don't go green with envy! You didn't believe that did you!

A friend who needed a ride back home regaled me with a conversation between her and a co-worker.

Friend has recently come back from a vacation in India and had gone to the co-worker's place to give sweets and engaged in small talk. Co-worker is married with a 3 year old kid. Thus floweth the conversation between friend and co-worker.

Co-Worker : I was in the smoking zone today when a very beautiful
blonde walked past me. I was hoping and praying she would walk into our office building because I will have my regular dose of eye-candy then. However she walked right past our office into the next one. Sigh!

Friend : But you are married so you shouldn't be checking out chicks anymore.

Co-Worker: If you are on a diet, you are still allowed to check out the menu
aren't you ?


Lafemmereva comments : Yes, as long as you are ordering for your wife!!!

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