To my Tam Brahm GF's 'agonising' aunts!  

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I intended to write a full length post on this but I got caught in the mundane chores of coloring the nail on my little finger and taking the tag off my first Saks Fifth Avenue sweater! I wanted to laugh off the whole episode so here goes...

If only being a woman were any easier...And if only Monday mornings started off any better!( All this happened on a monday)

In what twisted world is there a rule which says that marriage validates a woman's being?

It all started off with a call my "Tam Brahm" girl friend who in a couple of months will have completed a quarter of a century on Planet Earth.

She is also a proud aunt of a darling nephew who is soon to turn "troublesome one!" New Mothers would sure know why "one" is so troublesome.

Call Summary from the "Tam-Brahm" in distress as follows:

The excitement of a newborn at home turning one shifted the focus away from her "singleness" for a while since the focus was shifted to where the little one would have his head tonsured for the ceremony and where he would have his ear pierced(Let's just say that now when they get his ears pierced he may cry but fast forwarding several years to him as a teeny bopper, when history repeats and he pierces well his whatever! ,He will have had his last laugh of the whole episode!)

Soon after all the subtleties are dealt with (including major decisions like whether the lady next door who didn't send an invite for a similar function at home needs to be invited ) she was back to fielding all he queries they usually ask her,forgoing any preamble,"Why cant u like marry a tam brahm" ?? " Why cant we place and ad in the newspaper" Your aunt knows of a cousin who is your father's uncle's wife's sister's grandson! He is an IIT graduate, works in San Jose in Silicon Valley(Is silicon valley in San Jose or San Jose in Silicon Valley!!!! Phew!!) and has a Honda accord! (Why do all desis get a Honda or a Toyota Camry? Do Honda and Toyota manufacture cars for Indians living in America? !! Why not a Nissan Sentra err.....Altima ;)) Psstttt... I own an Altima.

The species of aunts are the only ones which have survived Darwin's natural selection and have infiltrate their way through the system landing pat right on their butts in our homes sipping teas in our courtyards helping the likes of KKKKKta Kpppppprr make millions spinning yarn that might have placed India right at the top of the countries exporting Yarn. These "friendly" aunts who do a wedding hopping in the vain search of a potential victim at the altar of the arranged marriage have now zeroed in on her. Why can't they just go become franchisees of some home based business?

Presumably she is a smart, young cosmopolitan woman "Tam Brahm" who has reached the "right age and the "right" thing for me to do is find the "right" guy?Right? Wrong!

She for one is a die hard romantic at heart who has a spirit of romantic adventurism in her... who likes her men classy & clean shaven(French Beard is a thumbs up!),is the fun"nest" person to be with, has a sharp sense of humour and is surprisingly bohemian yet conventional in a way that makes her the most unique and the most "eligible. She is what a Maya Angelo would call A "Phenomenal Woman"

So my sincere plea to her "Agonising Aunts" Let her find her suitable or unsuitable man/frog :D

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