Sin City!  

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I am apparently going through a very nostalgic "travelogue" phase! Or maybe its just the effect of seeing two of my favorite actors, Ashton Kutcher(Whose wife who is old enough to be his mother is another favorite of mine!) and Cameron Diaz :) (Yes, she is a favorite...How can anyone not like the Charlie's Angel!) in the movie "What happens in Vegas..." Saw the movie for the second time and looming threats of insanity is forcing me to dole out gibberish on my billboard! (Blog sounded so routine!)

Here goes..My very first trip to the Sin City in the Summer of '07 to the birthplace of Sin -- Vegas! Shhhhh!! What happens in Vegas........ Stays in Vegas! :)

I wish I could share the picture of Go-Go girls but I would prefer hat people hit my page for the content more and images less! ;)

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