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When winds of fortune are blowing
Temporarily against you
Remember you can harness them
And blow you towards your definite purpose
Through the use of your imagination!

I am yet to discover a communication mode that can wholly support the bandwidth of my thoughts other than blogging. Im not the one given to brevity so I cant keep my jottings brief!! Alas!! Brevity is not the wit of my soul.So foot longs( No reference to the Subway Foot Longs!) will be a hallmark of my blog.

Pandora's box (in pic), as the folklore from the days of yore goes, was opened and the rest is an old housewive's tale! Im hoping my posts dont stir up a hornet's nest in people's lives. But even if it does what the heck!!! I can handle anything. Whats life without a Royal Challenge ;)

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challenge seems to be achieved... u always let the world by suprise when it comes to things from u,... be it those days the quickest i can recollect is GRE scores and now blogging... 1 yr+ and u ahve been writing consistent.. good work

July 11, 2008

hahah!!! all ur good will and support :)

April 05, 2009

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